Choosing A Headstone For Your Loved One? Why Choose Custom Engraving

7 March 2023
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If you're planning a funeral for a loved one, you need to choose the right imaging process. Two common imaging methods include etching and engraving. Both methods allow you to customize your headstone. But, there are benefits to engraving that you might not have considered. If you're not sure whether you should choose etching or engraving, read the list provided below. Here are five reasons to engrave your loved one's headstone. 

Bring Out the Colors and Grains

If you want to design a headstone for your loved one, you need to decide between etching and engraving. If you've decided on a granite headstone, engraving is your best option. Granite has natural veins of color throughout the stone. Engraving brings out the colors and grains. That lets you get an enhanced appearance for your loved one's headstone. 

Watch the Engraving Process

If you've decided on engraving for your loved one's headstone, now's the time to customize the design. When you choose customized engraving, you can watch the entire process. Watching the process helps you avoid mistakes that could delay the setting of your loved one's headstone. But, watching the process also lets you become personally involved in the creation of your loved one's headstone. 

Provide Deeper Lettering

If you want to ensure long-lasting images on your loved one's headstone, it's time to choose custom engraving. Etching creates a shallow surface image. Unfortunately, exposure to the elements can cause the images to erode over time. Engraving is different. Engraving provides deeper lettering. That makes the lettering easier to see. But, it also ensures that the lettering will last longer. 

Avoid Excess Movement

If you've decided on a monument for your loved one, you want to make sure that it doesn't get damaged. One way to do that is to choose custom engraving. One of the benefits of custom engraving is that the work can get completed at the grave site. That means there's less chance of damage. But, it also means that you and your family can participate in the process. 

Ensure Low Maintenance

If you want to keep your loved one's headstone looking beautiful, choose custom engraving. Custom engraved headstones are easy to keep clean. You can clean them using soap and water. Wipe the headstone with a soft cloth once you've used soap and water on the surface. You can use a soft brush to remove dirt from inside the lettering. 

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