2 Benefits Of Purchasing A UV Flatbed Printer For Your Imaging Business

26 May 2023
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you own an imaging business, you may decide that you would like to expand your operations from printing only on paper to other materials. However, the methods you have found may not be suitable or seem too complex to use efficiently. 

If this is the case, you may want to consider choosing a flatbed printer that utilizes and delivers inks that have been treated with ultra-violet (UV) light. There are a couple of benefits you will find when you purchase a UV flatbed printer to help expand your current imaging business. 

1. UV Printing Allows You to Print on Other Materials Besides Paper, Such as Fabric, Glass, and Plastic

One benefit of purchasing and using a UV printer for your imaging business is that it allows you to easily print on many different materials besides paper. The inks used for the printer are treated with and delivered to the surface of the materials using UV rays.

Because of this method, you can use the printer to place your images on materials such as fabric, glass, leather, and even plastic. And, because the UV rays deliver and dry the inks directly on the materials' surfaces, you can expect crisp results without having to wait for drying times.

2. UV Printing Lets You Create More In-depth Images Because It Lets You Use White as an Ink Option

Another benefit that UV printing can provide is that it can let you create more in-depth images because of its ability to use white as an ink option. With other types of printing methods, you would need to print on a white surface and leave those areas blank, which can give the image a flat appearance.

However, since UV inks include white, you can add accents and highlights to the image using white so that it can be printed on the material and color of your choosing. This allows the images to have more depth for a more detailed appearance that seems to pop off the surface.

If your business needs to print images on different materials besides paper, using a printer that uses UV ink allows you to place your images on a wide variety of materials, such as fabric, glass, plastic, and leather. The printing process also allows for crisper, more in-depth images because it is one of the only printing options that let you choose white as an ink option. For more information about the printing processes used as well as available options, contact a business like DigiTech USA.