2 Important Features To Keep In Mind For A Custom Home Design For Individuals With Limited Mobility

26 August 2022
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There are a variety of reasons why some individuals who are ready to buy a home decide to get one built. Personal preferences and needs are often the primary reasons. Future homeowners may need help with their custom home design if they do not want production-style houses. These are homes that have specific floorplans for potential buyers to choose from. They often leave little or no room for alterations.

Individuals who have disabilities or have household members with disabilities may want special features included in their homes. A custom home design service can be helpful. The representatives can determine the nature of the disability and how it affects the individual. Independence for individuals with mobility issues may be enhanced when custom homes have the right features. The following points identify a few enhancements to consider in a custom home design plan for individuals with limited mobility.


It is best to choose a type of solid flooring for individuals who have limited mobility. Carpet and rugs may be cheaper than options such as stone or hardwood. However, using a wheelchair or other mobility aids may be difficult or unsafe. The wheels on wheelchairs may be harder to roll across carpets and rugs. There is also a potential trip hazard for individuals who rely on canes or other assistive devices. If expensive flooring is not within a budget, individuals can consider cheaper solid flooring options such as linoleum or engineered wood.

Doorways and Hallways

Ideally, a custom home design for individuals with limited mobility should include larger doorways and hallways. This will ensure that there are not any difficulties getting wheelchairs through them if needed. Even if an individual is using an assistive device such as a cane or forearm crutches, it is worth the time to consider investing in wider doorways and halls. This ensures that if there is a decline in mobility and a wheelchair is needed in the future, the home will already be equipped. Certain neurological conditions that affect mobility may worsen over time and lead to wheelchair requirements.

Technological advancements have made it possible for designers to create 3D imaging and models for approval. This is an ideal way to get an idea of what a custom home will look like before the building process begins. A custom home design service is a good resource to use to learn about more technologies to include in a custom home for individuals who have limited mobility. Sometimes a few modifications in a home can greatly enhance the independence of these individuals.