Utilizing Bail Bonds? 4 Keys Steps To Get Your Spouse Out Of Jail

7 July 2022
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Receiving a call from your spouse detained in jail can be puzzling, especially if you have never dealt with such a situation. However, you'll do everything it takes to help the defendant earn their freedom. You might want to contact a bond dealer for help, so they'll walk you through the entire process of what to do and expect. Below are some key steps to help get your spouse released.

1. Collect the Relevant Information

After being detained, your spouse will be arraigned in court. The judge will determine the defendant's bail and the next hearing date. If your spouse calls before their first hearing, you might wait a little longer to find out if they can be released on bail or not.

Consider gathering relevant information, including where the defendant is being held, the specific charges, and their booking status. Your bail bond agent will need all this information during your first consultation.

2. Contact a Reputable Agent

Cash bails are often too high to settle at a go for most people. They might also reveal your financial affairs or risk extending their stay in jail as you strive to get enough funds. Here's where you'll need an agent to come in handy.

Find a reputable agent to help you handle your loved one's case. They'll require adequate information about the defendant, the amount of bail required, and the location of the jail. The bail bond agent will evaluate your case given the information provided and determine the available options. In most cases, they'll recommend using surety bonds.

3. Pay the Agreed Percentage

Cash bails are mostly recommended if you have liquid money. You might consider surety bonds if you don't have money lying around and don't want to risk your property as collateral. The bond agency will ask you to pay a small percentage of the money requested in court.

The expert will then get into an agreement with the court and act as surety, guaranteeing that the defendant will show up to all their trials. You will fill out some documents as assurance you understand and agree to the deal.

4. Get Your Spouse Released

The agent will help you get your spouse out of detention. You can accompany the agent to the facility where the defendant is being held. The expert will handle all the paperwork required and post bail to expedite the release process.

Although bailing someone out of jail for the first time is challenging and daunting, the process is simple when you have guidance. Consider setting up an appointment with a reliable agent to hasten the process, avoid financial troubles, and get your spouse released. For more information, contact a company like Abel Bail Bonds.