What To Consider Before Drilling A Water Well

25 October 2021
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Landowners decide to drill wells for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it is out of necessity, while other people may simply prefer having access to a private water source. Owning your own well is convenient because it can wind up being written off as a tax deduction, and you can avoid owing a city water bill each month. Keep reading to learn about the top five things you should know before drilling a well on your property so you can avoid running into any major problems that could have been avoided and wind up being costly to fix.

Run Tests on the Water Beforehand

This is the only way to obtain definite results about the water quality on your property.  Even if your neighbors have wells, their water quality could be different from what is found under the surface of your own backyard. Improve the quality of your water by avoiding the use of fertilizers and pesticides on your land. This will help keep contaminants from reaching the underground water supply. It is especially important to check for coliform bacteria and E. Coli bacteria, which can cause serious illness in humans. Even after the well has been constructed, it is important to continue to test the water a few times a year to ensure there are no problems.

Research Local City Regulations

Depending on where you live, different cities have different requirements for wells. Research and understand these regulations in depth before you start on your project. If your water well is not up to code, local inspectors could serve you with a violation. Common regulations include keeping the well a safe distance from sewer pipes, using the proper building materials, and following recommendations for how deep the well should be.

Provide Adequate Protection for Your Well

Drilling a hole can make it easier for debris to end up in the water because there is more exposure to the elements. A well always needs some kind of covering to ensure contaminants cannot enter the water supply. Even animals such as rodents can enter the well if the covering is not sealed properly. Before you get started on your project, remember that building a well is complex, and it is always a good idea to hire a licensed engineer to help with the process. The water you drink is crucial to good health, so properly constructing and protecting the well is the key to success. Contact a company that offers well services to help you complete your project the right way.