Use Software to Aid With Setting up a Digital Menu Board

30 June 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


A digital menu board can entice your target audience to try a new product or ensure a client that they are receiving the most value for their money. Menu software could help you try out various layouts and playback features before revealing a digital display to the public. Read on to learn more about using customized menu software.

The Placement of Menu Items

Menu software will provide a visualization of how your actual digital menu board will appear. Font sizes and styles can have an impact on how easy it is to scan through a list of food items that are being featured. Your digital menu board can contain still frames, animated frames, or a combination of the two.

While testing out various fonts and print or script styles, leave plenty of space in between descriptions. Using too many words per frame could make your menu appear to be confusing. Listing many items on each frame could also make it difficult for people to decide what to purchase.

If you offer a lot of food items, either use two digital menus to display all of the options or rotate the information that is displayed on a single digital menu board. Standard paper menus can be used to list all of the items that are featured at your dining establishment.

3-D Images and Specials

Menu software can be used to add photographs or footage to a menu board. Adding 3-D images to a board will allow your patrons to see what a particular menu item will look like. Some software programs may feature stock photographs that will inspire you to set up your board a certain way.

If a new menu item is being featured or if you would like your target audience to learn about the ingredients that are used within your restaurant, use color photographs or actual footage to place emphasis on what is being promoted.

Menu software can also be used to showcase active specials. Bold lettering that advertises a discounted price may encourage someone to choose the product that you are featuring. Because the software will make it possible for you to update specials that are being offered, you can change your menu board as often as you would like.

After setting up the menu board, stand several feet away from it. Read what is listed and view the photographs or footage that you have added. Your perspective of the menu will help you decide if any changes need to be made, to make the menu more visually appealing.