Purchasing A Home That Uses Well Water? Why You Should Purchase A Water Purification System

16 February 2021
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If you are moving and your new home uses well water, there is a private well installed on your property. This is different than the water you get that is treated by a water treatment plant before it flows out of your faucet. Instead, you will get untreated water that comes from the ground. Before you start using the water in your home, there are many reasons why you should install a water purification system, one of which is listed below. There is also information about different types of water purification systems you can choose from.

Why to Install a Water Purification System

The main job of a water purification system is to remove contaminants that are found in water, such as well water. Many of these contaminants will not harm you but others are more dangerous for your health. One of these contaminants is lead. Nitrate is also found in well water, as well as high amounts of fluoride.

If there is lead in your water you may develop heart problems, high blood pressure, and problems with kidney function. Problems with reproduction in both women and men can also happen. 

Nitrate is harmful to everyone in your family. If you consume too much, nitrate can cause methemoglobinemia, which can cause your skin to turn a bluish-gray. In many cases, you will have no symptoms if you have this disorder. Over time you may develop headaches, feel lightheaded, and develop anxiety disorder.

Fluoride is commonly used in toothpaste to help prevent tooth decay. If you have too much fluoride in your body, however, this can cause health problems. This can cause acne, heart problems, neurological problems, and thyroid problems.

Types of Water Purification Systems

There are three main types of water purification systems: reverse osmosis, deionization, and oxidization.

The reverse osmosis water purification system has a pump that applies pressure to the water to reverse the flow across a special type of water filter. The water filter is what removes the water contaminants. 

The deionization system uses positive and negative charged resins to remove contaminants from water. The resins replace the contaminants with hydrogen and hydroxide, which is pure water. 

The oxidation system uses chlorination to purify water. This is the oldest type of water purification system. The main ingredient used is hypochlorite which disinfects the water by removing bacteria.

Talk to a company that sells water purification systems and they can go over this information with you in much more detail.