Deciding What Gold Jewelry To Sell

18 December 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you have decided that you would like to sell some of your gold jewelry, then you may be at the point of trying to decide which pieces of your gold jewelry that you would like to sell. The information that is available to you here can help you to choose the pieces that you may want to sell.

Sort all your jewelry

You should take all of your jewelry and sort through it. Make four piles. The piles should consist of jewelry that you know you want to keep, jewelry that you haven't yet decided on, jewelry that is damaged or broken, and jewelry that you know that you want to keep. 

Once you have everything in piles, then you should take a look at the jewelry that's in the damaged or broken pile. Go through the pile one piece at a time. Consider if you would want to keep the piece of jewelry if it was in good condition. If you would keep it, then you are going to want to decide if you are willing to have the jewelry fixed by a jeweler at any point. If you can't see yourself having it fixed, then you should put it in the pile you plan to sell. Otherwise, move it to the pile of things you plan to keep. If you do plan on having it fixed, then put it in the keep pile. 

Now you are going to want to go through the pile of jewelry that you still aren't sure of. Pick up each piece one-by-one. If a piece has sentimental value and you would feel sad selling it, then put it in the pile of stuff you plan on keeping. If it's not sentimental, then think about the things you like about it. Also, think about anything you don't like about it. Consider the last time you wore it and how many times you have worn it in total. If you have never worn it, or you can't see yourself wearing it at any point in the near future, then move it to the pile of things you are going to sell. 

Look for anything you may have missed

You may have more jewelry than what's in your jewelry boxes. You are going to want to think about any boxes of mementos you may have pieces of jewelry in. If you do, get the boxes out and go through them in the same way. Also, find any pieces of gold jewelry that may be attached to clothing in your closet. Once you have gone through all the jewelry, then you will know what you have to sell.

When you're ready to sell your jewelry, contact a local gold jewelry buyer.