4 Things You Need To Know About Installing A Propane Tank Underground

6 August 2020
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If you use propane as a fuel source to heat up your home or run your appliances, you may want to consider having a propane tank installed underground on your property. With an underground propane tank, you will have access to all the propane you need, without having a big visible propane tank sitting on your property.

Thing #1: Underground Propane Tanks Are Great for High-Use Homes

If you use propane as a primary energy source for your home, an underground tank may be the right choice for you. Underground tanks are generally recommended if you go through hundreds of gallons of propane each year. So if you purchased anywhere from 300-600 gallons of propane on a yearly basis, having an underground fuel tank would be a good choice for your home.

Thing #2: Underground Fuel Tanks Are Larger

If you want to have an underground fuel tank installed, you are going to need to purchase a large propane tank. With an underground tank, the idea is that you will not have to get the tank filled as often, and as the tank is underground, you will have the space to install a larger propane tank.

Also, it is generally not cost-effective to install smaller propane tanks underground; hence why most propane installation companies will recommend that you install a 500 gallon or larger tank if you want to go with an underground installation.

Thing #3: A Permit Is Needed

If you are going to install an underground propane tank, you are going to need to get a permit in most areas. You are going to want to have the propane tank installation company pull the permit for the installation.

You will have to pay an extra fee for the permit in addition to the cost of installation, but it is worth it to install the tank properly. The rules around a propane tank permit are designed to help keep everyone safe.

Thing #4: Installation Process Is Quick

Installing an underground tank, when handled by a professional propane tank installation service, is a quick process. They will come out to your property, verify the location for the tank, dig up the area, place the tank and set up the gas lines, and fill the hole. Some installation companies will also lay down grass seed if the tank was placed in the yard. The whole process takes about half a day to complete.

If you use propane as a primary energy source for your home, you should look into installing an underground propane tank. An underground propane tank will provide you with access to a large tank that you can use to meet your energy needs. The installation process is quick, and once the tank is installed, you don't have to do much more than get your tank filled and get it inspected every couple of years to make sure the tank stays in good shape.

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