Tired Of Counting Bills By Hand? What You Need To Know When Shopping For A Money Counter

16 February 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you own a business that involves handling a large amount of bills such as a store or restaurant, you need to make sure that you count your money accurately to balance your books each day. If you attempt to count a large number of bills manually, you risk making errors. Manual counting also takes a lot of time.

You can eliminate human error and time lost by using an electronic bill counter. If you are interested in purchasing a money counters, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the devices so you can choose the best one for your business needs.

Basic Features

While all money counters can provide an accurate count of bills, some only provide a tally for single denominations. If you only need basic features such as counting a batch of bills, you can purchase a basic counter. These models will provide you with a total quantity of notes in a batch. They do not add up the amount for you.

When you sell products at outdoor markets and conventions, you can invest in simple bill counters that are battery-powered.

If you do not feel like separating bills at the end of each day to feed into the money counter, you can purchase devices that will count mixed denominations and provide a count of each type of bill.

Even the most basic money counters provide an LCD readout screen to see the denomination count. Any money counter you purchase should also include a multi-year warranty and a quick stop button to shut down the machine when damaged bills cause a feeding problem.

Advanced Features

Depending on your needs, you can opt to invest in more advanced money counters that provide a total amount of bills counted and other features. If you live near the border of Mexico or Canada and handle a lot of foreign bills, you can invest in money counters that handle the currency from those countries as well as U.S. dollars.

While you can train your employees to recognize counterfeit bills and use detection pens, fake money can still slip through the cracks. Savvy criminals can make fake bills that evade counterfeit detection pens. Some money counters include anti-counterfeit features including magnetic, ultraviolet and infrared detection of fake money. You will find out if you have counterfeit bills in your possession before taking your money to the bank.

Learning that you have counterfeit bills also gives you a chance to alert authorities that fake money is circulating in your community.