Teach Your Kids How To Be Safe Around Dumpsters

8 February 2016
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If your apartment complex, home or business uses a dumpster, it is vital that you teach your children how to be safe while around a dumpster. Here are a few things you need to teach your children in order to ensure that they know how to act safely when near a dumpster. 

Explain To Your Kids How To Use A Dumpster

First, you need to explain to your kids the purpose of a dumpster. Explain to your children that a dumpster is basically a big trash can that businesses use for all the trash that they generate and it is often used to clean up big projects where a lot of trash is created.

Second, explain how trash should added to the dumpster. Explain to them how all the trash cannot just be piled up on one side, it has to be spread out over the length of the dumpster. Also, emphasize to your kids that you have to be tall enough to see into the dumpster in order to know where to put the trash so that it is evenly distributed throughout the dumpster.

Ask your kids if they are tall enough to see into the dumpster without assistance. After they answer, follow up and ask if they think they should throw trash into the dumpster based on what they know. Next, ask your kids what they should do if they want to throw something into the dumpster. If your kids struggle with the answer, let them know they should ask an adult for help. These questions help your kids think through and apply what you are telling them. 

Third, explain to your children that dumpsters should never be so filled with trash that you can see it over the top of the dumpster. Let them know that is unsafe and if they see a dumpster with trash spilling out the top, they should stay away because the trash could fall out and the dumpster could be unstable. 

Teaching your kids how to use a dumpster will help them understand that a dumpster is not a toy or something for them to play with. It will help your kids appropriately categorize what a dumpster's purpose is.

Teach Your Children That A Dumpster Is Not A Play Space

Once your children understand the purpose behind a dumpster, you need to make sure that your children understand that a dumpster is not a place to play.

Emphasize to your children that people throw trash into a dumpster, and then ask your children if they would play inside of the trash in your kitchen or in your bathroom. This will help your children understand the concept that you are trying to get across. When your children respond and tell you that they wouldn't play in the kitchen trash, ask them why. If your children respond that it is icky or the trash has germs, you can discuss how dumpster also can be dirty and germ filled places. Then explain that just like they wouldn't play in the kitchen, trash, they shouldn't play in the dumpster either, which is basically just a big trash can. 

Next, make sure that your kids understand that they shouldn't hang on a dumpster. Let them know that some dumpsters have wheels on the bottom, and if they hang on the dumpster, it could move and hurt them. Also, let your children know that even if they don't see wheels on the dumpster, it could still slide and injure them. 

If you explain the purpose of a dumpster to your children and teach them that a dumpster is not a good place to play, your children should be able to stay safe around any dumpster near your home or business. Contact a dumpster company, like Affordable Container, for more safety tips.