Learn How To Hire A Moving Company To Help You Move Items From A Home After A Divorce

19 January 2016
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Divorce can be difficult and hostile at times. If you have just gone through a rough divorce and need to have items removed from your marital home, you may want to hire movers to handle the job for you. The following guide walks you through tips to use when you hire the movers to ensure the move goes as easy as possible.

Create an Agreed Upon List

Before getting a divorce, you and your ex will meet with your lawyers to discuss how you both want the marital assets to be split. You need to be sure that you list every item you want from the home because the divorce is finalized and get a copy of the list. You can then provide the list to the movers so they know exactly what they are supposed to be getting from the home.

Have Pictures if Possible

Ask for pictures of any items that you think your ex may not want to give you so that you can prove what they are if any questions arise on moving day. The pictures can be taken on a phone and emailed to your lawyer quickly and easily.

Stay out of the Way

On the day of the move, stay out of the way. You do not need to go into the house. Your ex can show the movers what items need to go with you so that the two of you can stay as far away from one another as possible. This will diminish the chances of a hostile situation developing.

Call the Police Before Things Get Out of Hand

If you notice that your ex is starting to become hostile or combative, call the police right away. Show them the pictures and the list of items that you are entitled to and they will more than likely stay there until the move is complete to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible.

Inventory All Items as They Are Taken to the Truck

As the items are brought out to the moving truck, go down the list and check them off. This allows you to be sure that you do not leave anything behind when the movers finish moving the items out of the house.

The entire moving process can go quickly and easily, if you stick to these tips. You and your ex do not need to have any communication during the moving process if you hire the movers, which can make the situation less stressful and go more smoothly (click here for info).