Unusual Window Blinds For Unusual Windows

5 November 2015
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Architectural windows are an attractive way to distinguish a residential or commercial building. These unique windows are built in many sizes and shapes. No matter how unusual the size and shape of a window, a window blind or shade can be created to cover them. 

In order to create window blinds and shades for shaped windows, a manufacturer makes a full-scale template to the exact shape of the window. The blind manufacturer can then design and construct a personalized, moveable, window blind for that particular window. The blind and shade manufacturer has many different options for covering uniquely shaped windows. Some of these options are vertical, venetian, roller, honeycomb, slatted, roman, and many others. Many of these options can be used to cover the following windows:

  • Full Circle, Half Circle, and Quarter Circle Windows - Circular windows are built into many historic and contemporary buildings. Typically, these windows are fitted with moveable blinds that open and close like a fan. Another window treatment used on these windows is to divide the window into thirds and create a moveable blind that covers only the middle, rectangular section.  Fixed shades cover the outer shapes on each side. Blinds for these windows are traditionally made of fabric. 
  • Octagon and Hexagon Windows - Octagon and hexagon windows can be covered by moveable blinds that fold toward a center, horizontal dividing bar. The top portion of the window blind folds down to the center bar while the bottom portion of the window blind folds up to the center bar. These blinds can be made of fabric and other woven materials. 
  • Triangle and Diamond Windows - These windows are best suited to vertical or horizontal venetian blinds that allow light in or close light out by adjusting the slats of the moveable blinds. Venetian blinds can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. 
  • Pentagon and Trapezoid Windows - Moveable blinds and shades for pentagon and trapezoid windows fold toward the widest part of the window. These moveable blinds open and close with venetian, slatted, and vertical blinds. To completely open and close, these blinds fold down from the top to the widest part of the window and fold up from the bottom to the widest part of the window. Blinds for these windows can be made of wood, metal, fabric, or plastic. 
  • Eyebrow Windows - Blinds for eyebrow windows are very similar to half circle windows and open and close like a fan. These blinds are typically made out of wood, metal, plastic or fabric. 

If desired, all shaped windows can be covered by a full rectangle shade mounted on the outside edges of the shaped window. This standard blind can be used to cover any size and shape window as an easy method of controlling light and shade. However, a unique and creative window looks best when covered by a custom-cut window blind or shade. Discuss all of these options with a local window blind and shade manufacturer to distinguish your residence or commercial building with unusual and creative window coverings.