5 Primary Uses For Signs

14 September 2015
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Before you start designing a sign, you need to determine the purpose behind the sign that you want to create. It is also helpful to determine where the sign is going to be placed. Here are five different primary uses for signs. By determining the purpose and use behind your sign, you will be able to design a more useful sign.

#1 ADA Compliance

Almost every business needs to have ADA (Americans With Disability Act) signs up. The most common ADA signs include notices that are written in Braille, such as how to use the ATM machine or identifying the gender for the restroom. Other common ADA signs include those which identify handicap parking spaces, restrooms, and handicap accessible entrances. 

Most ADA signs have to follow specific rules and regulations, and require a more regulated design. 

#2 Property Rules

The next primary use for signs are to let your guests and customers know about the specific rules you have for how they conduct themselves while on your property. These include identifying no-smoking area, hours of access to a specific area of your business, no trespassing signs, etc.

Although there are common and accepted formats for these types of signs, you can also get creative with these signs and employ someone to design property rule signs so that they fit the unique aesthetics of your business.

#3 Directions

Another common use for signs is to provide directions. Emergency exit signs must look a certain way.

However, you can get more creative with room number, arrows and building names. You can design these types of signs to flow with the overall style of your business.

#4 Informational Identification

Similar to property rules and directions, information identification signs let customers and employees know where the bathrooms are located, if any areas of your business are restricted, and your hours of business. These types of signs can be more customized, but also need to be easy for customers and employees to stop and recognize.

#5 Marketing

Finally, there are marketing signs. Marketing signs are used to advertise your business or a specific service or special for your business. Marketing signs are where you can really get creative with your design. Beyond conveying your intended message, they don't have to fit any particular mold or format.

Before you start designing a sign, think about what its purpose is. The purpose of your sign should guide your design efforts.