Three Ways To Use Black On Your Banner Sign

4 June 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


Black may not initially seem like the best color to include in your banner sign. It's rather boring and is often associated with negative events, such as funerals, rather than fun endeavors that banner signs tend to advertise. While it's likely not a good idea to design a plain black and white banner sign or a sign where black is the main focus, there are some ways to use black effectively on your banner sign.

Use black to outline letters of another color.

Plain, black lettering can be boring, but black is very readable. You can take advantage of its readability without the boringness by picking a brighter color for your letters, but outlining them with black. Black outlines serve as  divider between your letters and the sign's background, making your text readable from a greater distance. Some good color combinations to try include:

  • A green background with yellow letters outlined in black.
  • A blue background with red letters outlined in black.
  • A pink background with purple letters outlined in black.

Color combinations that would be difficult to read, such as pink and purple, become more readable when you outline the letters with black.

Use a black background and light-colored letters.

Are your business' signature colors seemingly too light to use on your banner sign? Don't compromise your advertisement by choosing alternative colors that are not a part of your business' normal marketing scheme. Create a banner sign with a black background and lighter lettering. Pale colors like pastel green, blue and yellow look striking and are easy to read when placed against black. Yellow and lime green are also more apparent when outlined in black.

Use black for small subtext.

Using black for the main, large text on your banner sign is not ideal, since black is a bit boring – and it's not necessary, either, since these letters are so large that they're readable when printed in more interesting colors. You can, however, print some of your sign's smaller subtext in black. This will increase the readability of these more minor details, such as your store's phone number, the sale hours, or specific discounts. Make sure you choose a font that's not overly aggressive to balance out the bold, black lettering.

Black may not be the most interesting color, but there's not reason to avoid it all-together when designing your banner sign. Follow the tips above, and black will enhance, not inhibit, your sign's advertising ability. For more design tips, you will want to consult with a sign company, like ABC Stamp Signs & Awards.