Four Great Reasons to Choose Chain Link for Your Business Fence

20 April 2015
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In commercial environments, chain link fence is a popular choice. It's frequently installed around playgrounds, sports fields, and business properties. Made from galvanized steel, these fences feature a unique diamond shape in the fence construction that make them easy to identify. Here are four great reasons to look at chain link fences for your business property.

It's Affordable

Chain link fence is one of the most affordable choices for fencing. The total cost for fence and installation will depend on how much property you intend to cover, how tall you want the fence and what diameter you want the wire. For a self-installed chain link fence, you can purchase it for as little as a couple of dollars per linear foot. That cost may increase if you opt for concrete-filled post holes for more stability or if you decide to have it professionally installed.

It Looks Nice

If the idea of chain link fencing brings to mind images of institutional gray coloring and drab appearances, you may be surprised. The chain link fencing available on the market now is widely varied in color and style, allowing you to enjoy the structure and style of chain link fences with the beauty of any color you choose. In fact, chain link fences are easy to paint, so you can customize your new fence to the precise color you have in mind.

You can also install privacy screens in a chain link fence, allowing you to create some privacy on your property. The privacy screens are removable panels that you can slide in between the posts of your fence sections, making it easy to add or remove them any time you need to.

It's Durable

Chain link fence is a long-lasting option for your property. Galvanized steel holds up well to the wear and tear of the weather. You can increase its durability by having your fence painted or powder coated. Either treatment creates a covering that acts as a protective barrier to prevent corrosion.

It's Easy to Maintain

Keeping a chain link fence looking its best requires little more than routine washing and inspection. If you painted your fence, you may need to repaint it every few years to maintain that even, damage-free coat.

As you can see, commercial chain link fencing is a good investment for any commercial property. If you want to protect your business with fencing without having to break the bank or detract from the appearance, chain link is a great option.