Design Your Trade Show Booth with Exposure in Mind

27 March 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


The overwhelming reason for setting up a booth at a trade show event is to give your brand or business exposure. So, why wouldn't you design your trade show booth with this in mind? Many business owners assume that simply because they have a booth, people will come. This is incorrect. Most show attendees only take the time to stop at those booths that attract their attention. Make certain your booth is designed to attract the masses.

Look the Part

Trade shows are the ultimate in exclusive marketing. Unlike running an ad or cold calling, at a trade show you get to market exclusively to your target audience. Take advantage of this by making sure your booth looks the part. For example, if you are launching a technology based product or service, there should be no shortage of technology based devices and equipment at your booth.

While it's okay to use paper handouts and trifolds for take home materials, your in-booth presentations should be designed on flat panel monitors, tablets and other devices. It might be difficult to establish yourself as a technologically forward brand if you're still relying solely on old and outdated methods of communication. If you don't own all the equipment you need, don't forget that there are companies out there that rent equipment for trade show use.

Break Out of the Box

By design, the majority of all trade show booths are square. They typically have a flat wall behind them with rectangular tables or partitions surrounding them. This can make all the booths in the event space roll into one another, making it harder to stand out. Don't be afraid to break outside the box. While you can't rearrange the structure of the building, you can add different shapes and angles to your booth to help stand out.

For example, instead of using traditional rectangle tables to display products or materials, choose round tables. Although it might seem like a subtle, or meaningless, change, the fact that your booth is different will automatically attract the eyes of people walking by causing them to at least stop in and see what it is you have to offer. This can help you gain exposure and generate more leads.

How much of an effort you put into designing your trade show booth will have a dramatic effect on how many potential clients you attract. Make sure you are designing your booth with maximum exposure in mind.