A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Fountain Pen

9 March 2015
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If you are a writer or if you've ever stepped foot inside of an arts and crafts store, chances are good that fountain pens have caught your eye at some point. If you want to learn more about these fountain pens, why you might want to purchase them and how to take care of them, read this guide. From here, you will have the information that you need to start a great collection of fountain pens, or take care of the ones that you already own. 

Why should I purchase fountain pens?

People who make the jump into owning fountain pens typically enjoy them thoroughly. Before you run out and buy a fountain pen, consider some of these benefits:

  • You will be able to use these pens more efficiently, because you will put forth less work when using them
  • The ink goes on heavier, providing more weight to the finished product
  • Everything that you write with have a regal, professional appearance
  • You'll have greater range of motion, along with less required pressure, so that you can express yourself even better through your handwriting
  • The pens are a lot more durable than other pens you will purchase

How can I make sure that I'm buying the best fountain pen for my needs?

If you want to get the most out of your fountain pen use, consider some of these tips, so that they fit your needed experience:

  • Make the decision about how you will actually use the pen. Using a pen intended for artwork will give you greatly different results than one that you would want to use for technical writing
  • Decide on the ink source that works best for you. People typically use cartridges, which must be purchased and replaced, or cartridge converters, which allow you to add ink directly into the pen through suction
  • Decide on a particular style and color that suits your mood, and choose a size and shape that allows you to write comfortably

How can I take good care of my fountain pens?

You can keep your pen viable for many months or years as long as you handle the maintenance. One of the best pieces of maintenance to avoid clogs is to use a water and ammonia solution. Further, scrub and rinse the outside of the pen regularly, to prevent smudges and ink from degrading it or finding its way onto your work. Keep the pens out of sunlight and in cool locations whenever possible. 

Consider these valuable tips, so that you are best able to take care of your fountain pens through the course of your ownership. Talk to experts like Norfolk Stationery Co for more information.