Moving Preparations

27 February 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are going to be moving in the near future, you need to start thinking about your options in having your items brought from your old location to storage or to your new location. Moving companies, such as Arrow Moving & Storage Co. Inc., are well-equipped to handle the removal of your packed up items for safe transportation. Here are some tips you can use when preparing your items for the big move.

Prepare For The Move

Go through the items in your home well in advance of your scheduled moving day. There is no need to pack up items you will not be needing at your new home. Take the time to sort your items while packing them instead of throwing everything in boxes. This will save you time and unnecessary clutter when you unpack. 

Sort items you are not keeping according to where they will be taken. Recyclables will be discarded at a recycling center or in a recycling waste bin. Salable items can be set aside to place in a yard sale or on an online auction for extra cash. Donations can be brought to charity services. After you have removed items that will be distributed, you can start your packing process.

Packing Items To Move

Large furniture items can be disassembled in order to make more room for other items in the moving truck or storage unit. Tape pieces together and place any hardware in a plastic sandwich bag to tape to the pieces. Label the bag in case it happens to become loose. 

Number your boxes and bins and keep a list of this information in case you want to find items quickly after they have been delivered or placed into your storage unit. Use color coding by placing colored packing tape or index cards on each container. This will make it easy to place the containers in the proper location upon their arrival.

Pack a box that will be used on the first day in your new home. This is an emergency box with an extra set of clothing, plastic utensils and paper ware, a flashlight and batteries and snacks. Do not allow the moving company to take this box. Instead, put it in your vehicle to be used when you arrive at your new destination. If your moving company happens to have a mishap where your belongings are not able to be delivered on time, you will at least have your emergency items to be able to get through a day or two at your new home while waiting for your items to be delivered.