Make Your Pool Party A Success With A Tent Rental

19 February 2015
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If you are planning a pool party, renting a tent will help make the event more enjoyable. Consider the following ideas to keep your guests comfortable and entertained.

Resting Spot

Put lounge chairs and pillows in one corner of the tent. Plug in a fan and place it on a small table, facing the area where your guests will be relaxing. Whenever anyone wants to take a break from swimming, they can rest comfortably in the shade. People who wish to socialize with each other will have a quiet area to do so. Set up a cooler near the chairs that is stocked with cold drinks for your guests to enjoy. 

Privacy For Changing Or Using The Restroom

Many tent rental companies offer additional features. You can have a partition added. This will provide a private area that guests can use for changing into their swimsuits. A portable restroom can be included with your rental and placed in another part of the tent. Guests can discreetly leave the pool when they need to use it. You will not have to be concerned about heavy traffic in and out of your home as a result. 

Dining Area

If you are going to be serving food at your party, set up a dining area. Place a couple lightweight tables and folding chairs in one end of the tent. Food can be laid out on one and guests can fill their own plates. Everyone will appreciate being able to eat in a comfortable atmosphere without having to worry about their food getting wet from the pool or having to deal with the sun beating down on them.

Children's Section

If you are going to have younger guests at the party, set up a section that has some toys and games in it. Keep this area in view of the pool so that they are able to see their parents at all times. The adults who are at your party can take turns sitting with the children. A fun section for kids to spend time in is the perfect solution for adults who aren't ready to leave the party yet, but are having a hard time keeping their children entertained.

Your pool party will be a memorable event because of all the careful planning that you have done. Your guests will appreciate the time that you took out to make the party enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. Speak with professionals like Classic Party Rentals of Virginia for more information.