3 Tips For Gun Safety In Homes With Children

9 February 2015
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Guns are commonly used for hunting or personal safety, but once children are involved gun safety takes on a new meaning. Many gun owners have strong personal reasons for owning a fire arm, but no parent would want a tragedy to occur in his or her home due to a lack of gun safety around children. If you have children, or if children are often in your home, you don't have to get rid of any guns that you may own, but make sure that you follow these important safety tips:

Buy a Gun Safe

Children often do not realize the risks that a gun carries when handled by someone who does not know what he or she is doing; so if you have kids in your home it is imperative that a gun is never left out in an area where they can access it. Your best bet is to purchase a quality gun safe where your gun can be kept without fear of any accidents by small hands. Gun safes are becoming more sophisticated, and many can be opened very quickly by an adult in the house if it needs to be used for personal safety or defense of the home. Some gun safes utilize the scanning of a registered finger print or palm print in order for it to be opened, which can ensure that no children in the house will ever access the contents.

Keep Ammunition Separate From a Gun

Even with a quality gun safe, it is never a good idea to have a loaded gun in the house, or even to store ammunition with a gun. If possible, it is a good idea to keep ammunition in a separate gun safe which is near the safe where you keep your firearm. Storing the ammunition in a locked safe will keep your kids safe, but you will still be able to get to the ammunition when you need it.

Emphasize Gun Safety From a Young Age

Children can be very receptive when a concept is taught properly; so if you have guns in your home, start teaching your kids to never touch a gun, gun part, or ammunition without parental guidance. This rule should not just apply to your home, but other homes as well. Once your children are old enough to learn about handling a gun they should always be under parental supervision; it is best to teach younger children to just stay away from guns. Talk to experts like State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc, for more information.