Three Ways To Save On Your Commercial Electric Bill

30 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you own a small business, you know that electric rates for commercial industry are at a higher rate than residential. There is little way around changing this rate, but there are a few things that can be done to lower your electric bill overall. Here are three alternative ways to start saving money on your commercial electric bill.

1. Savings through Energy Rebates and Tax Cuts

By purchasing energy efficient appliances and machines for your business, you can sign up for rebates and possible tax cuts. This is a great way to see your electric rates lower just by getting on board with energy efficient supplies. Discounts can be on offer with different types of equipment, including lighting and HVAC set-up. Be sure to look into specific items for you business that line up with state and federal savings on offer.

2. Seek Alternative Energy Plans Such as Solar

Another option to lower your electric bill is to go solar. Installing solar panels will lower your use of electricity, basically cutting your bill in a similar fashion to a rate cut. Going green with solar is great for the environment, too, and can be showcased to the community that your business is doing its part to help out. The size of your business and the feasibility of the installation will dictate how many panels you can bring on for overall savings. Regardless, solar power is a money-saving option that should be workable for most businesses.

3. Save Energy In-House with Day-to-Day Practices

Besides upgrading to energy efficient materials at your business, there are various ways that you can cut down on energy usage with good habits and office set-up. Make sure that internal and exterior lights are on timers so that forgotten lights aren't left on when not in use. Upgrade your building to seal and protect windows and doorways from the elements in order to help reduce the use of heat or AC. If you are in a kitchen or restaurant environment, make sure to instate everyday equipment practices for staff. Leaving appliances and cooking apparatuses on for long periods of time when they might be idle should be discouraged. The benefits from working with your staff in general to incorporate everyday energy saving techniques will add up over time.

There is no way around commercial energy rates and paying your share of energy bills as a business. Your business can save money on the monthly bill by getting creative and initiating some of these other energy and money saving techniques. Once in place, you can stop worrying about your once-inflated electric bill and focus on running your business.