Tips On Moving A Piano Safely

26 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


Everyone knows the common wisdom of using extra caution and care when transporting large pieces of furniture or other items during a move. However, there isn't a lot of common knowledge around when it comes to moving a piano. If you own a piano but have no previous experience moving it to a new location, you may want to consider hiring professional piano movers to help you, as moving a piano is not an easy task. If you are interested in trying to do it yourself, here are some quick tips to help ensure you get your piano to its new location safely and in one piece.

Protect the Keys and Body

The obvious first step is to close the keyboard lid and secure it in place so that the keys are not damaged during the move. But, you should really wrap the entire piano in padding as well so that the piano body does not pick up a scratch or chip during transport. Protective plastic, like the kind that you would put over your couch or chair, can also work here.

Lift the Body, Not the Legs

Never try picking up a piano by its legs. You want to lift the piano by its body, and keep the piano facing upright the entire time. Pianos have most of their weight towards the back so if you try to lift by the legs, it could immediately tip over if you are not careful because of the weight distribution. One solution would be to use straps that you put under the piano and have one person on each corner lift the piano by the strap. You can use a large furniture dolly if you have one at this point.

Keep It Level in the Van

In the moving van, keep the piano against a back wall and put wood planks on the floor underneath it. You want the piano legs to remain level and without any strain. Don't put other heavy items near your piano because you don't want anything to shift towards it during the move. When you arrive at your new location, remove the piano using the same method as before.

Moving a piano is no easy task and you must take extra precaution so as not to damage it or hurt yourself. Hiring a professional mover from a company like Furniture Master might be the best option. If you go it alone, make sure you protect the entirety of the piano, lift by the body and not the legs and keep the piano secured and level during the moving process.