Now Presenting New Developments In American Moving Trends

6 January 2015
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There are various reasons why people have to move in this economy. Corporate transfers lead to many families having to uproot from one locality to another. Others plan moves to enjoy the things not available to them on their current side of town. Regardless, this is an age when many people are relocating to find better opportunities.

Here are four main reasons why Americans are moving in the current economy.

  • High-Tech Expansion

High-tech growth has necessitated much corporate relocation. Businesses want to be in the center of the action. Therefore, they feel the need to move to places where they can be near technological advancements.

Research parks within cities are one such common site. These centers have various communication, computer and pharmaceutical companies that attract capital investments. Consequently, businesses from other industries also want to benefit from the growth potential, meaning a positive economic environment for all. Employees and managers usually want to live in the proximity as good schools, hospitals and shopping centers become drawing points.

  • Urban to Suburban Moves

Another movement of people is from urban centers to suburban areas. This movement began in earnest during the 1970s, and continues to the present.

Companies prefer to be located near their customer bases and may choose to move headquarters to these areas. Likewise, workers hoping to reside in newer, spacious surroundings may opt to live in these neighborhoods as well.

  • Suburban to Urban Moves

The reverse of the above demographic trend is the suburban to urban migration. Many residents who left the cities for the suburbs in earlier decades have decided to return. To many, the long commutes were not worth it. They want to live closer to those jobs that remain within the city limits. Also, the revitalization of central city areas, known as gentrification, has created a desire to move back to urban centers.

  • Condominium Boom

Some suburbanites are willing to forgo their spacious yards but not the comforts of 21st century life. Developers recognize this fact. To attract these suburbanites back to the cities, urban planners have emphasized comfort while saving space. The result is a luxury condominium boom.

Cities are moving upwards rather than outward. Tall buildings with multiple residences take up less space but still have enough amenities for up-and-coming families to enjoy themselves. To these residents, city life is now an attractive option.

Planning a Move

When it is time to relocate within their local area, families should contact a professional moving company. Expert movers can make the transition as problem free as possible.

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