Ways To Protect Your Business When You Aren't Around

5 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are going to be away from your business for a few days, you can keep it protected from theft by adding some extra security measures. As a result, your building won't be as likely to suffer damages and you won't be losing your earnings. Consider trying the following methods to keep your building extra secure.

Create The Illusion Of Someone Being Present

Just because you are not going to be open does not mean that everyone has to know that you aren't around. Tell a minimal amount of people what your plans are. Have a trusted family member or friend frequent the building each day. They can collect the mail, retrieve phone messages, and make sure the building is secure.

Install an inexpensive light that turns on at specific times each day. This will make it look as if someone is present. If you have an extra vehicle, consider keeping it at your business to further add to the illusion. Keep curtains drawn so that nobody will be able to see inside. 

Purchase A Modern Alarm System

Meeting with a company that installs alarm systems is a good idea. You can purchase surveillance equipment that you can monitor while you are away from your building. Some equipment will pick up movement and provide you with video footage of what is happening at your business. This information will go straight to your mobile device. You can act quickly if suspicious activity is occurring.

Other types of systems will notify the company that you purchased the equipment from. Someone will be dispatched to your business to make sure nobody is trying to break in. Specialized systems are also available that will trigger a specific noise if someone tries to enter the premises. An example is an alarm with the sound of a dog barking. An intruder is likely to be scared off if an unexpected sound comes from within the building. 

Have A Smart Lock System Installed

Many times, doors are accidentally left unlocked. This can be a serious concern of yours if you are going to be too far away to check your business. With a smart lock system, you won't have to worry if this happens. You will be able to lock doors from wherever you are and gain knowledge if anyone shows up. If the person who is checking on your business forgets their key, you will still be able to let them in. Being able to control the doors when you are away will bring you peace of mind.

Never take chances when it comes to your business. If you add safety measures before you leave, you will feel relief and be able to focus on your other responsibilities. Your largest investment will be protected and remain in the same condition that you left it in. 

For more information, contact a local security company, like DictoGuard Security Alarm Systems Inc.