Radon Information Every Homeowner Should Have

23 November 2020
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Radon is a threat that homeowners should never underestimate. However, it can be difficult for a person to adequately assess and appreciate this threat if they have not given it much consideration in the past.

Know The Ways That Radon Can Enter Your Home

Radon is an odorless gas that can be extremely hazardous. Unfortunately, it is a threat that every home will have to face due to the fact that it is a naturally occurring gas that is found in the soil. As a result, if the soil below the home has elevated levels of radon, it will be able to seep into the structure where it can pose a health risk to the occupants.

Test Every Room In The House

The radon levels in a home may not be uniform. When you are testing the house for radon, you should make sure that you are testing each room. Otherwise, you may fail to find that one room in the house has radon levels that are far higher than the other areas of the home. Luckily, radon tests are fairly affordable, and this will enable you to test all of the rooms in the home for a reasonable cost.

Avoid Assuming You Only Need To Test Once

It is common for individuals to have a radon test done when they first move into their homes. While this is a prudent step to take, individuals should avoid assuming that this is the only time that they should invest in having a radon test done for their property. In reality, it can be advisable to have one of these tests conducted every few years so that you will be aware if there is a change in the radon levels inside the house.

Schedule Mitigation Efforts As Quickly As Possible

Discovering that your home has elevated levels of radon can be a significant problem to face. However, it is an issue that can be fairly easily corrected with the proper mitigation steps. One step in this process may involve sealing the basement of the home so that radon gas will not be able to seep into the structure. Unfortunately, homeowners may not view this problem as a significant threat that is worth immediate repairs. Yet, exposure to excessive levels of radon for even a short period of time can significantly increase the risk of developing cancer at some time in the future. This threat makes mitigating this problem an urgent matter for any homeowner.

To learn more about radon, contact a service that offers radon testing.