Turn Leftover Fabric And Swatches Into Festive Home Accents

30 August 2016
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Have some leftover material or swatches from a project that you are hanging on to? Instead of tossing or discarding it, try making something new from it! There are many simple projects and ideas that utilize these fabric remnants and that don't require a lot of sewing or crafting skill.

Some clever ways to recycle and use your fabric remnants are:

Pet projects.

Give your four-legged family members a treat by repurposing fabric remnants into some fun fabric toys. Even tiny scraps of material are big enough to make cat-nip bags or enticing toys for cats and dogs. Simply stitch around the fabric, creating a pocket with an open end that you can stuff with poly-fill and a pinch of catnip (for your feline friends); sew the end closed and enjoy!

Holiday treats.

Save up leftover fabric remnants to make your own holiday accents and décor. For instance, you can use fabric for making simple stockings; or, use pinking shears to trim fabric into squares for wrapping a special gift. Use ribbon to hold the fabric wrapping in place until Christmas!

Another idea is a festive and simple holiday wreath:

  • Cut your fabric in long strips and reserve.
  • Buy a foam wreath at a crafting store, and use the strips, one at a time, to wrap and cover the foam. Secure the ends with a dot of hot-glue.
  • Work until the wreath is covered, and accent with a colorful bow.  

Kitchen crafts.

Try making some simple kitchen craft ideas with your leftover material and fabric swatches. There are some ideas that also make excellent gifts to share with others, such as when celebrating the holidays or giving a memento for a housewarming celebration. Try these culinary projects with your fabric remnants:

  • Use pinking shears to trim the edges of your fabric so it won't fray, and cut into the size and shape of coasters, napkins, or placemats. No sewing required!
  • Use a swag of leftover fabric to line your summer picnic basket with. Make it large enough that you can wrap it over your food and goodies to protect them from the sun.
  • Use small squares of fabric to place over the top of a jar of jam, preserves, or pickles to give it a festive look, securing it around the lid with a colorful ribbon. This elevates a simple gift into something anyone would want to receive!

Don't throw away your leftover fabric and remnants; there are many clever and cute ideas that require little more than a scrap of material to complete. Try these ideas to make good use of your leftover fabric and to create some one-of-a-kind gifts to share with others. Visit online sites and tutorials for more advanced projects or when you want to garner inspiration for your own creations!