3 Tips To Protect Yourself From Breathing In Mold Spores When Removing Mold From Items In Your Storage Unit

8 July 2016
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Humid weather can cause mold and mildew damage to items in storage units. This happens because the items are not protected before they are placed in the unit and they are not checked on regularly. By the time that you notice mold or mildew damage it may often be too late. If you manage to salvage items that contain mold damage, then you may have to interact with mold spores. Simply scrubbing the spores can cause the mold to become airborne and result in your breathing it in. If done regularly, this can be extremely damaging to your health. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use while removing mold spores from your storage unit in order to prevent yourself from breathing in the mold.

Use a Mold Vaccum Before and After Mold Removal

A mold vacuum is a vacuum that is specially designed to pick up mold debris and spores. Before you clean, there may be loose mold spores hanging around. Therefore, you can use this device to get rid of these spores beforehand. In addition, a mold vacuum should be used immediately after mold removal on all objects in your storage unit. By the time you are done scrubbing away mold spores, many of the spores may be airborne. The vacuum will help to catch these spores and filter them out of your unit.

Keep The Mold Wet Until it is Cleaned

The easiest way for mold spores to disburse is while they are dry. While dry, the spores crack off into several pieces. When the spores are wet, this is much more difficult to do. Therefore, the fabrics, furniture or carpet that you are cleaning should remain wet until the mold has been fully eliminated. For surface level mold damage you should use a household spray in order to keep the area moist. This can be accomplished my mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

Turn off All Circulation Devices

Air circulation devices like fans, air conditioners, and heaters can actually result in the mold spreading to other areas throughout the self storage facility. In order to avoid this, it is important to keep these devices turned off until all of your contaminated items have been thoroughly cleaned.

While the main goal is to remove moldy items from your storage unit, it is important not to breathe in this mold while trying to do this. Therefore, use these tips to help you accomplish this.