5 Custom Labeling Tips For Sending Christmas Cards

26 November 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If your business is sending Christmas cards this year, it is reasonable that you want to make a good impression on your current or future customer base. You can send cards of any size, shape, or color, but there are certain things that custom labels can provide to make the cards extra special. With these tips, you can solidify your business relationship with those you send cards to. 

1. Order Labels Early

Don't wait to order custom labels for your holiday business cards. If you do, you may end up hand lettering all your envelopes, which can be time-consuming and conducive to errors. Plus, you really don't want to be the company with a reputation for mailing out late business cards. You should be ordering labels in November so that you can receive them during the first week of December.

2. Make Cards & Labels Unoffensive


While it may not be your intention to offend the recipient of your card, it is important that you pay attention to the beliefs and needs of those you are sending cards to. Additionally, you may choose not to include religious symbols on your address labels to ensure that you aren't inadvertently offending somebody. This is entirely a personal choice on your end, but many businesses tend to be holiday-oriented rather than religiously affiliated.


3. Order Custom Labels, but Hand Sign the Cards

Even if you order custom labels, you want to give your holiday cards a personal approach. The best way to do this is to sign your cards, one by one. You can include a professional message as well.

4. Take the Time to Order Stamps Too

Now that you can order stamps and labels online, there is no reason not to opt for some winter or holiday themed ones. Make your envelopes stand out with festive stamps that add a personal touch.

5. Don't Print the Personal Message

If you do choose to put a personal message inside the card, you may not want to use a label to do it. Personalize your message by showing that you put time and thought into each card. Custom labels are excellent choices, but you may not want to use them when the message needs to be more personal.

It is always a good idea to reach out to your customers, clients and business associates with a friendly message. Custom labels and holiday cards can help you do exactly that. Contact a local outlet, such as Northwest Label, for further assistance.