Sell Homemade Items Online? Here's Why You Need A Storage Unit

1 October 2015
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If you make your own handcrafted items and sell them online, you might love the fact that you can make a living doing something that you enjoy and something that you can do from home. However, as your business grows more and more, there is a chance that it's time to take it out of the home and expand a little bit. Luckily, doing so doesn't require you to rent a huge building; instead, you can expand your business by renting a storage unit. These are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Get the Clutter Out of Your Home

Any kind of business that requires you to keep your stock in your home can result in a lot of household clutter. This can be magnified if you are making your items yourself at home and have to have a lot of craft supplies on hand. If you rent a storage unit, you can keep things under control by moving some of this stuff out of your house. This can help keep you and your family sane and can prevent your business from taking over your personal life.

Allow Yourself to Expand

Have you ever stopped yourself from buying necessary crafting supplies because you didn't know where in the world you would put it? This could be holding your business back from being as successful as it could be. If you have a storage unit, however, you will have extra space for these supplies, which can help your business grow.

Give Yourself a Place to Work

Working from home isn't always as easy as it sounds, especially if you have kids, pets, a spouse or roommates in the home. If you set up your storage unit properly, you can even get some of your work done in it. This can give you a quiet, dedicated place to work on your handcrafted items away from all of your distractions, and it's a lot cheaper than renting a separate commercial building.

Use it as a Business Expense

There is a good chance that you can count the cost of renting your storage unit off on your taxes as a business expense. Hold on to your contract and all of your receipts, and give them to your accountant to find out.

As you can see, renting a storage unit can be a smart decision for anyone who operates a business that involves selling homemade items online. Luckily, storage units don't cost much to rent, come in all different sizes and can even be climate-controlled, so you should have plenty of appealing options. For more information and options, talk with storage unit companies, like Oakland Ave Storage.