Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Versus Portable Steam Cleaners: Which To Use?

31 December 2014
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An issue you may struggle with in your line of work as an owner of a carpet cleaning business is which type of carpet cleaning machine to specialize in. Truck-mounted steam cleaners are ideal; since the steam is consistently the right temperature, the cleaning extensions really deep clean. Yet, there is no way you can get this type of machine to reach carpeted floors several stories up in a business building. Resolving this quandary takes some creative approaches.

Portable Commercial Carpet Cleaners

These machines, despite their portability, will still require a crew of two or three people to get them into the building and up to the floors that the customer wants cleaned. Once you have moved the machines out of the elevator and into the areas to be cleaned, it is just a matter of borrowing electricity and maybe a sink, depending on the model of commercial carpet cleaner you have. Some models are just as effective as truck-mounted steam cleaning machines for carpet cleaning in an office building, but it may be trial and error in the beginning to find the ones you prefer.

Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning for the First Floor and Portable Cleaning for the Rest

Sometimes it just makes sense to use the truck-mounted steam cleaner on the first floor, where both employees and clients enter your customer's building and look at the floors everyday. Then you can use the portable commercial steam cleaners for all of the floors above that. If you have the best in the business portable commercial machines, then all of the floors will look like the first floor where you used the truck-mounted cleaner.

Spot Cleaning

Sometimes you can get away with spot cleaning because the customer just wants carpet in front of the elevators treated, or they want stains removed. Your crew can use a commercial cleaning product with a scrub brush and hot water to get the stains out. If the spot cleaning reveals a dirtier carpet around it, then you can discuss cleaning the entire carpeted area with your business customer.

Situations Where It Does Not Matter Which Option You Choose

When a business only has one floor, obviously you need not concern yourself with which cleaning option to use. However, for the sake of professionalism, you should go with the truck-mounted steam cleaning because it will give your customers a better impression of your business and a cleaner carpet overall. Putting your professionalism first with first-floor-only customers will ensure repeat business.

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