Maintain Your Solar Panels With Professional Cleaning Services

19 December 2014
 Categories: Business, Blog


When compared to electricity, solar panel power generation is both more cost effective and better for the environment. For these reasons, many homeowners have decided to install panels on their homes. An large part of owning solar panels is keeping the solar panels clean. Keeping your panels clean is important for a number of different reasons.

Maintain Efficiency

The primary reason keeping your panels clean is important is due to efficiency. Only a clean panel will operate efficiently. Power generation is based on the amount of sunlight your panels are able to capture. Dirt, bird droppings, dust and other debris limit the amount of light your panels can capture.

Consequently, dirty panels will cause you to experience a decrease in the amount of power you are able to generate from your panels. This may cause you to have to rely on traditional power sources, leading to increased energy costs.

Warranty Validation

Warranty coverage for your solar panels protects you from damage. In the event of a manufacturing defect, your warranty will step in and cover the cost of replacement or repair for you. Failing to clean your solar panels can have a negative effect on your warranty coverage. A stipulation found in most solar panel warranty plans is that you perform preventive maintenance on your panels.

Keeping the panels cleaned falls into this category. If you fail to properly maintain your equipment, in the event of a malfunction, your warranty might be voided. In this instance, you would be required to cover the cost of any repairs on your own.

It's Not As Simple As You Think

Many homeowners look at the glass surface of the panels and think cleaning is a relatively easy task to complete. While it's not exactly rocket science, this isn't a task you want to try to complete on your own. Using traditional, harsh cleaning agents can streak the panel, causing shadows to form on the glass.

Shadows on the panel will limit the amount of light it is able to intake. Additionally, if your panels are on the roof, accessing this area safely is also a factor. For a better result overall, leave your panel cleaning to a professional.

Keeping your panels clean is your responsibility. Unfortunately, the frequency at which you need to clean your panels will vary based on your local climate and other factors. However, an annual cleaning is a good place to begin. Contact a company like Sunshine Solutions for more information and cleaning tips.